A Unique Gift Idea for the Holidays: Jewelry Candles

You're telling me there's jewelry in the candle?

Yes! Surprise someone special with a unique gift they'll love. Jewelry candles are a unique and popular gift idea. They're candles with jewelry hidden inside. When you light the candle, it melts and reveals a piece of jewelry wrapped in foil. The jewelry is usually a ring, but it can also contain a necklace or earrings. Making it a perfect gift for friends and loved ones with a sense of style. And of course, you don't need a special occasion to spoil yourself too!

What's the point of a jewelry candle?

A gift within a gift. Gift-ception! They're a fun way to surprise that woman in your life with a piece of jewelry. Whenever I gift one, I feel like I went above and beyond to show her I care. They're a unique gift and deeply memorable. Many sellers craft their own high quality jewelry and sell their candles at reasonable prices.

How nice are jewelry candles?

Really Nice! And feel good about using an eco-friendly product too! We find that companies who sell hand-crafted jewelry candles also make really nice candles. You can tell when a candle is made by a true artisan because they almost always use soy wax, which is a natural and eco-friendly material. Soy wax candles burn cleaner and slower than paraffin candles. The vessels used are also perfect for up-cycling. When made from glass, the jar be recycled so you can keep doing your part to help the environment.

How do jewelry candles work?

Light a candle. Wait. Reveal jewelry. Simple and effective. Who doesn't love a little surprise? Jewelry candles work by hiding the jewelry inside the wax of a candle before it's poured into its' jar or vessel. The jewelry is usually placed in a double sealed bag and foil wrap before the wax is poured -- ensuring that the jewelry does not get damaged during the candle-making process. You'll light the candle as normal and eventually find a surprise in the wax pool.

Many crafters have special techniques when formulating their fragrances and scents. They also follow strict timings when pouring to ensure the wax doesn't get too hot which can ruin a scent by burning off the top notes of the fragrance too soon. Our candle pourers work hard to need to ensure the wax cools evenly so the candle doesn't get sink holes which can result in candle tunneling.

How do you get the jewelry out of a candle?

Customers who buy our jewelry candles can use their candle as normal. Light the candle and the heat from the flame will melt the wax and reveal the hidden jewelry. At some point, you'll see a foil pouch floating in the wax pool once the candle burns down enough. The jewelry we make at Luxury Candle Company are placed at various depths in the candle making process. Sometimes you'll get jewelry within the first hour of lighting. Other times it'll be days! We're mischievous that way! 😈

I always recommend blowing out the candle so you can safely remove the jewelry from the wax. This really is the "Aha! moment" of the whole gift and you don't want it spoiled by spilling wax or burning yourself! That's why we supply customers with a set of tweezers for this moment.

🎉 Carefully remove the pouch with tweezers and let cool for a minute or two before the big reveal!

🎉 Tada! Jewelry!

You might discover some wax covering the jewelry. Well. We're not perfect and that's probably our bad. Luckily it's no big deal. All you need is to give them a light wash with a mild detergent to remove any wax that penetrated the pouch.

What kinds of jewelry can I find in a candle?

Handmade earrings. Feel like a million bucks without spending a fortune. Here at Luxury Candle Company, we specialize in handcrafted earrings made from Swarovski® components.

Everyone who sells jewelry candles love making smiles. We all have unique pieces that are high quality and timeless. You really can't go wrong and it's only a matter of taste. Some brands specialize in rings, while others may offer necklaces and bracelets. One thing they all have in common is the quality of the jewelry. It's pretty consistent across brands. Affordable prices for high-end jewelry pieces makes this candle niche a go to when shopping for holidays and occasions.

The search stops here. Add a jewelry candle to your holiday gift list.

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift idea, then consider giving a jewelry candle. Jewelry candles are made with soy wax and have a piece of jewelry hidden inside. When you light the candle, it melts and reveals the jewel. Jewelry candles are available in many different styles and price points, so you can find one to fit any budget. Plus, who doesn't love receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry as a present?

The true value of a gift is the sentiment behind the gifting...

-- Shri Radhe Maa