Our Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Her!

The Holiday Season is Here! Our Guide To Generating and Shopping! Gift Ideas For Women!

What to Get Your Girlfriend This Holiday Season

Does this sounds familiar? The holiday season has descended and you find yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend? Whether you've been dating for a while or a new flame, you're on the hunt for a great gift!

I know every year around November I have this feeling. Dread! The anxiety of endless searching and shopping to find great gifts for the women in my life. Listicles and emails claiming, "we have the best gifts!" or "best gift ideas!" That's how I feel this year with my fiancé. Well... every year if I'm being perfectly honest with you. Ok... I'll be real with you, buying gifts for women is a constant struggle for me and it doesn't help that the special woman in my life has her birthday in December too. Double the fun!

Surprise her with a unique gift from Luxury Candle Company

That's why I decided to write down my approach to "finding the best gifts" and my general approach as I shop during the holidays for the women in my life. I'll also explain why I think our gift set here at Luxury Candle Company should be an added consideration as you start to shop this season.

So if you're here for my strategy, start with the paragraph below. If you're looking for a gift set for the special women in your life, feel free to skip down a bit and learn more. Shop around on our site and bookmark us. We're happy you're reading this.

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And first, my general strategy when shopping for the woman in my life...

5 Ideas to Get You Started as you Shop!

My girlfriend is worth it, but my budget isn't!

First and foremost, I'm always on the look out for an affordable gift for her birthday. It's in December and this is the time of year where I need to shop for her and all the other women in my life. I love to treat her but this time of year can get expensive!

5 No-Fail Gift Shopping Strategies For Your Girlfriend

Here's a few strategies I follow when looking for unique gift ideas that won't break the bank.

  1. I start by looking at things I know she'll wear like gold jewelry or something she'll use -- like a gift set filled with gorgeous beauty products.
  2. I check out best seller lists and look for sales. I literally just read a review about a new pair of earrings from her favorite shop at the mall and made a note of it in my notes app. I might snag it up if they go on sale.
  3. As I'm writing this, I'm checking out home decor gift sets from world market because I like that store and always leave feeling inspired. Have you been to world market? They're incredible!
  4. Oh and beauty products make for great gift ideas too! I know I already said that, but they really do! I'm not super savvy on all the products my partner uses. But anything in a gift box is usually a no brainer. When in doubt, send a text to mom and ask.
  5. She is notorious for her sweet tooth (and I'm guilty of that too!). I'll probably be buying some hot cocoa bombs from one of the local crafters here in town. She's my best friend and will share!

The Best Christmas Gift Idea For Her

Don't give her something cliche, find her a unique gift!

You really should try to treat her to a gift she'll love because let's be real, Christmas is a special occasion!

I do my best and narrow down my purchase to a single gift with a small personal touch and so should you. I'm sure you can agree with me here. You don't want to give her something cliché like another pair of shoes or a purse! Most women already have a closet full of those!

She deserves something unique and special, something that shows you care and are in tune with her desires. The best gifts for women have this quality.

Still here? Great!

Oh? You're not sure if what you're looking at will be her new favorite piece of jewelry? She hates hot cocoa bombs? Still need to shop? Me too... At this point, we've browsed through countless stores and bookmarked a ton of pages by now. I'm at 12 bookmarks by the way!

We have all the best gifts in one place. No more guessing. You're welcome.

Okay, what if I said there's no longer a need to shop? You're exactly where you're supposed to be. We have the best gifts for women and just relaunched a gift box series sure to wow and compliment everything the woman in your life is wearing these days. We cover all the bases. It's jewelry. A Candle. Beauty products. Style. Decor. All the best gifts rolled into one box.

The Best Gift On Christmas For Girlfriend. Mom. Sisters. Friends.

The best gift for women this Christmas.

Luckily, you found yourself here at our humble little store -- Luxury Candle Company. We're small and unassuming, but guess what? We have exactly what you've been looking for! Our chief artisan and crafter is a woman and my mother and she's been crafting gifts for women that can only be summed up as beauty and luxury.

This year, she's crafted world class gift boxes filled with a scented soy candle which make excelling gifts for women in their own right. But she didn't stop there. Our candle has handcrafted earring inside and make the perfect surprise gift for the woman in your life.

We've taken the stress out of shopping this holiday season

Yes, you read that correctly! A single gift for all the women in your life. Here's our secret. We put handmade earrings in each candle before we pour in the soy wax. Once the wax melts down, she'll find a small foil wrap containing earrings that'll compliment everything she's wearing. They're elegant, simple and contain the Swarovski® beauty (we use their components in all our jewelry candles). This is our second year selling these gift boxes and they are by far the best Christmas gifts you can buy for any woman. My mom said so!

The gift box also comes with two bath bombs, two bars of goats milk soap, and body cream - perfect for pampering. Believe you me when I tell you've found the perfect gift right here.

Jewelry Candles Make the Best Gifts During The Holiday Season.

Our Candles Make Great Holiday Gifts and Birthday Gifts for Her!

Okay, maybe you're not sure she needs all those beauty products. You can also buy a jewelry candle individually. They're a unique and thoughtful gift that every woman is sure to love. They're a fun surprise any gift recipient and make excellent gifts for women all year long.

But I really have to say, our gift boxes are an incredible idea if you're shopping for a woman. What makes our gift box one of the best Christmas gift ideas on your list? Okay, here's the details.

Fun and Exciting to Receive!

  • They're unique: Most women have plenty of clothes, shoes, and handbags in their life. But how many women can say they got their favorite set of earrings from a candle? Not many! This makes it the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. Surprise her with a luxury set of handmade earrings!
  • They're thoughtful: A lot of thought and effort goes into crafting our jewelry. A good pair of earrings that goes with any outfit truly makes for some of the best gifts you can receive. You can be sure that the woman in your life will appreciate the time and effort you put into your gift this year.
  • They're a surprise: Who doesn't love getting a present that's also a surprise!?!? Discovering a hidden piece of jewelry is half the fun! It's always exciting to see what kind of jewelry you'll get. We put a pair of earrings in each candle. No, you can't pick what they'll look like. It's a surprise! You can check out our instagram to see what we're crafting these days though!

The Time To Buy Is Now.

You got that discount code, right? Add to cart already!

So what are you waiting for? If you're still shopping for your girlfriend, mom, or any other woman in your life, get your loved one the best gifts this holiday season with a jewelry candle gift box! She'll love the thoughtfulness, uniqueness, and fun factor of this present. Trust me, it's the perfect way to show her how much you care this Christmas.

The true value of a gift is the sentiment behind the gifting...

-- Shri Radhe Maa